Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Matrices be matricing!

1) Getting closer...
Most components are in place now, just need to connect the dots basically. Missing are the fuse boxes and the actual shift registers. The underside looks horrendeous thou, but there's basically no other way to do it with experiment cards... It works perfectly, and that's the important part. :)

2) The flip side. Ginormous resistors are ginormous... Behind them there's a ground "bridge" and one is visible in the top right as well. Soldering islands together like this is obviously not the best solution, but it works and works pretty well. "Next time" I'm building something I'll have the PCB's prefab'ed. It's cheap enough and saves a ton of time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lights are coming!

Quick update today.

This is the current state of the second revision of the lightboard. Much neater design, although there's been two mishaps. The first is that I accidentally ordered much too beefy resistors, so they're too big for the initial design and I've been forced to put some of them under the board. The second thing is that the LED-modules were almost twice as big as expected and will be sticking out from the board.

But it's all good, I believe.

1) Semi-populated lightboard. This time I went for a much more streamlined design, along with "seats" for the IC circuits
which will avoid a lot of pain when/if needed to be replaced. The cable connectors has since the picture was taken been adapted to be unique so that the cables "can't" be plugged in incorrectly. Unless I've made a fatal design error, this board will be a lot more stable than the old and far easier to debug, troubleshoot and correct!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

74 000

74 000 video frames has been compiled into a single video master file today.
Who knew a pinball machine could have that many frames of animation... but then again, this machine is not your average run of the mill machine. It's truly one of a kind. ;)

I'll try to get started on the new lightboard this weekend. Work's been going real slow on that one so far with the flu, tour and time off needed to regain some energy. But soon I hope I'll be able to present some nice news for you all!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Just checking in!

Just wanted to say I'm still alive and well!

Currently very busy with the band and touring so there will be no updates until (most likely) June.
In case you want to listen to death metal music, or discuss my build, feel free to swing by any of the dates below! :) 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Kill me now...

I've been sick with influenza the last two weeks.
That means nothing has been done on the machine and I'm still waiting for life to return to me.

To be continued.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

America's Most Haunted

Benjamin Heckendorn, the person who got me started with my pinball machine with his Bill Paxton pinball, returns with a making of blog about his latest game America's Most Haunted. It's co-designed by legend John Popadiuk and looks pretty cool.

Check it out here!

Also -
I've received the parts for my light board as well as my WAV Trigger, and I've rendered most (if not all) of the videos I need for the game. So this weekend will be all about BioShock for me! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lightboard V2, revision B

Slight update.

Turns out the LoL Shield was charlieplexed, which is rather unsuitable for my needs and I really don't wanna spend the extra processing on the debugging tools. I have therefor decided to insert two 8x8 dual-color LED-modules instead, which is even better actually as they work exactly the same as the light-matrix I'm building - simply extend the wires a bit.

I've also figured out it would be nice with a simple and quick push-to-test button. The plan is to step through all lights, column by column when pressed and held down. This allows quick and easy troubleshooting of broken bulbs or chains without having to interface with the menus, and I could do this with the playfield up as well.

1) Revision B. Tactile button and multicolor LED's for troubleshooting added. The LED's for each lamp will be static
but the flashers/higher voltage things will be using red and the lower voltage green. There's also empty pins to ensure the
cables are inserted correctly, however I believe nothing happens if plugged the wrong way - except that it won't work.